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Welcome to Gas Station Fitness & Nutrition, an official HYROX partner.

What is HYROX?

HYROX is a global fitness revolution, blending functional training and endurance for all fitness levels. It’s not just a workout; it’s a challenge to your strength and resilience.

Our HYROX classes are tailored to mimic the competition’s structure, focusing on key exercises like running, functional movements, and weighted exercises. Whether you’re prepping for a race or simply boosting you fitness, these classes are your perfect solution.

Experience our programme with a free trial class; a no-obligation opportunity to test your limits. For those looking to dive deeper, we offer memberships ranging from class-only access to bespoke programming aimed at getting you race-ready.

Book your free intro call today to book your trial class and join the HYROX community. Whether to compete or elevate your fitness, our programme is an exciting step in your fitness journey. Unleash your potential with us!


As an official affiliate partner, you’ll gain exclusive access to specialised HYROX classes, state-of-the-art HYROX equipment, in-house HYROX events and simulations, and expertly designed performance programming. This privileged partnership offers a comprehensive suite of resources tailored to enhance your HYROX experience.

what you'll get:


Strength & Fitness

Enhance overall physical strength, improve cardiovascular endurance, and achieve superior fitness with HYROX's dynamic workouts.


Race Ready

HYROX's targeted training ensures you're fully prepared, both physically and mentally, for the exhilarating challenge of race day.



Gain unparalleled support from expert trainers and a motivated community, guiding you through every step of your HYROX journey.



Mastering the demanding HYROX regime boosts self-confidence, empowering you to tackle new challenges with determination and resilience.

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