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To Train or Not to Train When You’re Injured

From sprains to strains, nose bleeds to scrapes, injuries happen! As an athlete, it can be challenging to navigate an injury, especially when you still want to be in the gym, working toward your fitness goals. 

Injuries can happen for many reasons: maybe you aren’t mobilizing enough, or maybe you’ve been underfueling your body for the amount of work you’re putting it through. Regardless, injuries are not fun. Moreover, injuries can be extremely challenging mentally. If you love to stay active, it’s hard to accept the idea that you may have to take a step back for a while. However, this is an opportunity. 

Pause, evaluate your thoughts, and stop sulking. As you engage in active recovery, balancing rest with intentionally rehabilitative movement, you should reflect on what caused your injury and what you can do to prevent another one in the future. You should work to understand exactly what your injury is so you can strengthen the weaknesses that caused it. 

If you approach your post-injury training right, you will come back better than ever.

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