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Natter with Nabs: Member Inspirational Story – How I went from 92kg to 70kg in 10 months!

As the saying goes, it is not how long you have known someone or been somewhere that matters, but how committed and connected you feel. 

In this blog, Nabs, an online teacher, shares his story about how being a part of the Gas Station Fitness community changed his health in general, not only in terms of physical health but also with his mindset. He also discovered a great support network in a gym setting, from instructors to people training. 

“You know, it’s all about mindset and winning. If I can get through a CrossFit workout in the morning, whatever life on that day throws at me, I’ll be better equipped to deal with it…This gym allows you to have that space, really push yourself, fail, embrace that failure, succeed, embrace that success, but the thing in this journey is constant improvement and I think the members are really inspiring.”

This is where being a part of a team, having a personal trainer, or nutrition coach makes a big difference. They can be of great assistance because they are people who can help you build yourself and guide you through a lot of Crossfit and nutrition.

People, in general, want to brush off failure. Most of us don’t want to acknowledge and celebrate them, and we believe that everyone is perfect, but no one is. Nabs, on the other hand, is certain that failure is a great opportunity for growth. Simply showing up and working hard on a consistent basis has shown him that he is capable of achieving great things. 

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