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Accountability Equals to Success

Most of us tend to think of our hopes and dreams, set goals, as well as desire to achieve them, but fewer are willing to state the goals that direct us to success. We put our ambitions on hold day after day, month after month, procrastinate, and fail to take action in order to achieve them. 

According to studies, when you share your goals with others, you are more likely to achieve them than when you keep them to yourself. It entails reaching people one-on-one to describe the specific goals you intend to pursue. You’re actually making a statement about what you want to do and how you intend to do it. 

So the first step is to set goals, write them down, and map them all out while remaining realistic. If the goal is realistic and you want to achieve it, make a plan and take action. If it’s not written down, it’s not going to happen. The next step is to record your scores or keep track of your goals; if you set a goal, but don’t record your results, how will you know if you’re progressing?

Lastly is to have an accountability partner, it might be your friend, your family or you could even hire a coach. An accountability partner is someone who is committed to helping you reach your goals, that really cares about achieving your success. 

“Making people accountable for their actions effectively teaches them to value their goals.”

Check out the most recent podcast episode to learn more about how to hold yourself and your trainer accountable for attaining fitness goals at Gas Station Fitness & Nutrition.

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